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The Most Flexible & Complete Theme

Custom Building Blocks

Tons of amazing custom builder blocks developed specifically for the Total theme makes it easier then ever to create complex and awesome layouts.

Rocket Speed Code

Don’t get stuck with a poorly coded theme that takes forever to load. Total has been coded clean and efficiently to ensure fast loading times.

Happy Customers

According to a recent study it has been shown that on average customers of the Total WordPress theme live happier lives then those who do not own it.

Recent From The Portfolio


Functional Candles: Mosquito repelent / scented / religious / household and dinner candles. The best…

OKF – Aloe Vera Juices, South Korea

Aloe Vera Juices / Fruit Juices / Energy Drinks / Tea / Ready to drink…

Signature Snacks, United Arab Emirates

Biscuits / wafers / crackers and dates manufacturer , with a fast and solid growth…

Baggio – RPB Juice, Argentina

Leading juice manufacturer of Argentina. Specialized in Nectar juices with 50% of fruit across all…

Minuet – Cookies, Turkey

Private Label of biscuits and wafers , with a nice mix of items and very…

Mamee Double Decker – Snacks, Malaysia

Complete line of Potato Chips in 45, 80 and 160grs packs. Also a variety of…

Client Testimonials

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