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Our Advantages

We will take care of your business as if it was our own.

Our headquarters are based within the region, which gives us the advantage of knowing the reality of every market, as well as our people’s needs and also allows us to maintain a close relationship with our net of distributors.

We have a well balanced commercial and administrative structure to cover the entire region, without the need to add unnecessary costs to the operation.

We have an active net of over 25 distributors covering more than 19 countries in the region which help us to consolidate brands as regional assets. This also provides us fast feedback for new launches.

We understand and have good knowledge of the Caribbean and Central American commercial legislation and their legal systems.

We speak their languages. English, Spanish, Dutch and French are evenly spoken within the region.

For distributors who want to buy from us, we are able to get better prices than buying directly from the factory.

Having distribution licenses for a market of over 50 million people allows us to commit ourselves to a minimum annual volume of sales, which permit us to negotiate significant volume discounts.

Nobody would be more interested than us in making the business flow. We will cooperate with you 24/7, all year long.

We are the key to enter a word full of opportunities

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