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Our Services

Linking principals to markets is the essence of our business.



Linking principals to markets is the essence of our business. We are far away from being called brokers or merely intermediaries. We are a company that offers marketing & sales services. Among the tasks developed by our team we can mention::

  • Visit to target market to analyze competition, the market trend, brand potential and leading players.
  • Search and appoint the most adequate distributor/local agent for the intended brand.
  • Prepare a Brand Launch based on a sustainable long term marketing plan.
  • Frequent visits to objective markets to give follow up and guarantee business progress.
  • In progress review: preparation of quarterly reports sent to principals to summarize the situation and progress of their products.


Among our activities is the consultancy service. If your intention is to understand how is the Caribbean/ Central and South America are organized, what are the legal and commercial restrictions, how should you deliver your products or who are the best distributors for your products in every market, we can help you out.
Based on your products and target markets we can do the research and develop a suitable marketing strategy plan to to disembark succesfully.
Our report will show information such as customs regulations, import duties, label requirements, market segmentation, pricing, competitors positioning, promotional activities being performed by other brands, market share by shelf exposure and much more.
We have travelled and worked throughout the Caribbean for more than 20 years, we deal with many different categories and segments, let us give you a hand with your endeavor.



We also offer a search service. Just tell us what you need or the product you are looking for and we will seek out within our extensive database and come back to you with a proposal. You will save time and money with this search. Furthermore, we already count on a net of suppliers from all over the world in which we trust.


Our passion in our job extends to the distribution consultancy. Many years in the international trade and by having our own distribution company let us understand the key factors to become successful in distribution.
We are able to analyze your company structure, create a consolidated picture of how it works and pinpoint your points of change to become more productive and efficient.
Just by using in a more diligent way your resources you will save time and money at the end of the day, creating a higher value to your company at the end of the year.

We have travelled and worked throughout the Caribbean for more than 20 years!

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