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Functional Candles: Mosquito repelent / scented / religious / household and dinner candles. The best quality candles in the industry at very competitive prices.

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OKF – Aloe Vera Juices, South Korea

Aloe Vera Juices / Fruit Juices / Energy Drinks / Tea / Ready to drink Coffee. The leading company of aloe vera juices in the world

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Signature Snacks, United Arab Emirates

Biscuits / wafers / crackers and dates manufacturer , with a fast and solid growth to the world markets. Offers a superb quality product at a convenient snacking…

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Baggio – RPB Juice, Argentina

Leading juice manufacturer of Argentina. Specialized in Nectar juices with 50% of fruit across all their available flavors. Packed in convenient Tetra packs of 1 litre and 250ml…

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Minuet – Cookies, Turkey

Private Label of biscuits and wafers , with a nice mix of items and very good quality. At very competitive prices to reach mid and lower end markets.

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Mamee Double Decker – Snacks, Malaysia

Complete line of Potato Chips in 45, 80 and 160grs packs. Also a variety of snacks. Outstanding quality and competitive prices.

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Heritage Nut Walker – Nueces y snacks, Thailand

Full Line of nuts and snacks. Caju nuts, Peanuts, Almond, Pecans, Pistachios. Each of them in different preparations and tastings.

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Bonn – Cookies, India

Traditional biscuits manufacturer of India, with very good quality products at the best competitive prices. A complete assortment of items for the right gondola exbibition set.

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Ceres ( Fruit Juices, Iced Fruit Teas ) South Africa

Highest quality juice in the segment of 100% fruit juices. Packed in Tetra Packs of 1 litre and 200ml. With a wide assortment of fruits available and their…

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